Our Travels  

Japan   Lisbon
South Africa Amalfi Coast (Italy)
Iceland   Prague (& more)
Tanzania Croatia (& more)
Vancouver   Alaska
China Egypt
Ireland Scotland
Bahamas   Hawaii
Yellowstone   California Coast
Luxembourg   Paris
Las Vegas & AC London
Turkey Italy
Greece   Israel
Costa Rica   Grand Canyon
Amsterdam   Aruba
Aruba 2001   Caribbean
Canada   Cape Cod
Yosemite   Virginia
Philadelphia   New hope
Avon-By-The-Sea   Brandywine
Shelter Island   Newport

Lee LOVES to travel.  Now that the kids are all grown up and are on their own, Lee has developed an even more serious taste for traveling.  A lot of our early traveling was business related, though, but satisfied her wanderlust at the time.  

But, now, she's got the time and the miles....so stand back!! 

The nineties was a blur of traveling.  Not that other things didn't occur during the 90's, after all, some of my grandchildren were born in the 90's and....I think....there was the Gulf War a while back and.......I guess that's about it!!   I'm afraid to think what the 00's are going to be like.

I usually hate flying, but I'm actually starting to grow quite fond of First Class (and Business Class - same thing to me!!)  So, God bless "frequent flier miles."  I insist that Lee use them for First Class upgrades, or "I won't go".  (I sound pretty brave, huh?  Well, when we're out of miles, I don't actually say that!)   Anyway, everything is now about "getting the miles, the miles."  (I firmly believe that Lee would go to Hell for the summer season...if they were offering double miles!) 





(It's going to always be "under construction" as long as the miles keep accruing.)

Don't worry.  I won't subject you to the hundreds of photos I've got.   

I've usually chosen only a few choice shots to illustrate each destination.